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Practice Through Play

Practice through Play has a simple objective. To support coaches and parents/guardians to create fun and conducive learning environments at football training. It is the hope of myself and the other contributors that this resource will encourage and support coaches to reach this objective.

The recommended player age group for this resource is 8-14 years old, however we appreciate that this may vary depending on experience and ability level. Thank you to the coaches who have contributed their favourite practices and games. Amongst some tried and tested content we also hope you will find some new ideas and concepts.

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Future At Their Feet

One of the most valuable things that I have learned as a coach over the past few years is to find a balance between coaching and not coaching.

I hope this book gives coaches a platform to run sessions with lots of touches, activity and enjoyable progressions, but I also hope it gives players a platform to express creative freedom, make their own decisions and to a certain extend let playing the game be the teacher. It is my belief that the evolution of the game is inevitably down to the players, with the coaches playing a big role in giving them the freedom to try new things, be creative and think for themselves.

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Practice By Numbers

As coaches we often get short notice in regards to how many people will be at the session. This resource by David Baird and Carl Wild will give coaches some ideas when planning for a set amount of players or for when an unexpected number of players show up to a session.

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A Collection of Rondos

A collection of 11 Rondo practices. Complete with detailed description and images.

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Storybook Sessions

Storybook Soccer sessions involve players taking part in games that improve their football skills and physical competencies whilst the coach keeps them engages through a fun, imaginative story. One week the players may be dribbling their footballs past sharks and pirates and the next saving the day through scoring lots of goals! This proven approach keeps kids invested in sport and helps promote qualities such as teamwork, courage and creativity.

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Always Attack, Sometimes Score, Never Give Up

15 Full sessions teaching your team to score more goals playing in an attacking 4-3-3

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