Scoreboard Soccer

Shooting Practices

Practice 1

Shooting game with the aim of achieving 21 points to win. 2 points for 1 touch finish 1 point for 2 touch finish. First team to 21 wins, however if you go over 21 your team will go back to 16 points.

Practice 2

A back to goal shooting exercise. Depending on the group you are working with you may have the player who passed the ball to come in as a defender or to come in as an attacker. Either of these options can be done as a progression after initially starting 1v1 to goal.

Practice 3

A practice to focus on an assist and shot. The recieivng player will look to combine with a player who has made a good angle for the lay off before stepping on and striking the ball. Rotation allows for lots of shooting repitition.

Practice 4

2v1 with recovering defender. Painting the picture and stressing the importance of decision making for young players. With a brief numbers advantage the aim here is to play quick and create a chance on goal. If the defender presses the player on the ball the best option may be to pass to the other player, if they stand off then going alone and taking a shot may be the best option. Defending - coach delaying the attack by cutting off the pass with a side on body position and trying to narrow down the angle for the player on the ball, always showing away from goal and delaying for the recovering defender to get back.

Practice 5

A passing pattern leading to a shot on goal. With pressure from an approaching defender as shown. Be sure to also work this going down the other side of the pitch too.

Practice 6

A passing pattern leading to a shot on goal. Once you shoot be sure to quickly demand the next ball to keep the tempo high in this practice. Progression shown.

Practice 7

Pass, lay off, find the third player run. Practice this routine before taking it to goal, the weight of the final pass to put the third player toward the goal is crucial. Be sure to work on this so players also shoot from the otherside, changing the starting position to the oposite side.

Practice 8

Rotate the wall players frequently or use coaches. The player starting with the ball will pass then overlap and step on to the ball being layoff to shoot (hopefully first time). the player who layed the ball off should show eagerness to chase in any rebounds.

Practice 9

A practice to focus on the quality of the defence splitting pass, final ball and finish. Easily progressed into a 2v1 if you add a defender pressuring the first ball and they defend once it passes them.

Practice 10

Find solutions to goal from uncomfortable and unpredictable situations. Pass the ball and on the coaches command play 2v2 to goal.