Scoreboard Soccer

Passing Practices

Practice 1

Each team has a wall player at either side of the area and the aim is to try and transfer the ball from 1 wall player to the other. Encourage players to be creative and decisive while practicing good habbits such as scanning, movement and passing the ball firmly. Progression shown involves the receiving wall player dribbling or passing and following into the area while being replaced by a different player.

Practice 2

Follow the routine as shown. The players are encouraged to communicate and work together to keep both balls moving. For advanced groups you may challenge them to try and catch up with the ball in front of them through quick and quality passing.

Practice 3

An introduction to players in regards to passing and moving. Players work together through the grid and after the final pass the recieving player works towards goal as quickly as they can while the other players tries to chase them and win the ball.

Practice 4

The passing routine shown can be used to address and work on switching the ball quickly from one area of the pitch to another where there may be an opportunity for a 1v1 to goal. The player successful in the 1v1 will re-join the next line to go again. The coach may progress by changing the central combinations to work on other ways to switch the play.

Practice 5

The ball is passed in a clockwise direction around the area. After passing the ball players then run diagonally to join the line for their next turn. When moving diagonally players can press the ball so their teammate can work on a good first touch away from pressure before they pass and move.

Practice 6

A passing routine that involves driven passes, lay offs and counter movements to pass the ball forward.

Practice 7

A passing combination to introduce the theme of quick passing and moving. Communication should be high throughout with the group trying to move the ball as quickly as possible. Have competitions between the two groups and see what team can be the first to a certain amount of passes. Progress to play 1 touch if you think the players are capable and a wall pass progression is shown.

Practice 8

This pattern shows a routine where the ball is passed to the left then set to the player on the same line before being driven across diagonally. On timing the run the next player steps in to play a pass outside the square and the routine continues as shown in the animation. You will notice the player who sets the ball before it is played out always does this role, therefore rotate them after a certain amount of time or the coach can do this role meaning the passing pattern can work well if you have 8 players and you do the set role. Progression: See how many passes you can make doing it all 1 touch

Practice 9

Move the ball with pace and time the run to arrive on the ball at pace and ready to be positive, play forward and support to restart the move. When overlapping ask for the ball and demand it just in front of you so you don’t need to break stride moving onto the ball. After you have worked the pattern down one side for a while then switch to working the other side. The trigger for the overlap is the player passing it to the opposite side and stepping into the pass, once you recognize this there is space for you to join in the attack with an overlap. Progression: Play one touch

Practice 10

Pass and move to an empty cone, the stipulation is the ball can't be passed between two cones in a straight line. 1 Touch passing where possible, good angles, communication and technique will allow players to do this.