Scoreboard Soccer

Dribbling Practices

Practice 1

Foot skills practice to get players moving and changing direction with the ball at their feet.

Practice 2

A 1v1 set up however the defender cannot become live until the attacker chooses a ball. Great for twisting and turning while having some fun!
Swap roles after each shot and progress to making it directional with a GK.

Practice 3

In a tight area (applicable to age and skill level) players get a point for their team by dribbling through a gate before attempting to re-start play with a pass to a teammate.
Progression: Can only go through the gates that represent your teams colors

Practice 4

A challenging and competitive 2v2 environment that will test and develop footskills, disguise and passing ina tight area. In possession you get a point everytime you take the ball to a corner, when the other team win the ball they must dribble out of the area, this will result in a turnover of possession when re-starting. See who can get the most points.

Practice 5

Players take turns as defenders or attackers in this practice. The attackers try and get through as many gates as they can (always going via the central area) while each defender is allocated 2 gates to guard by only moving sideways.

Practice 6

Attackers get to practice their dribbling and skills on a cone before turning to face a defender in a 1v1 situation. The defender can only move side to side as they are 'stuck on the line' which gives the attacker an advantage. Attack at pace with good close control and change of direction to get past the defender and re-join the line to go again. If the defender wins the ball, they will join the line and you will become the 'stuck' defender.

Practice 7

A footskills practice with lots of chaos. Close control is needed and the ability to start and stop the ball, reacting to the picture in front of you.

Practice 8

Players enter the area with a ball each against the defenders, aiming to cross the line and shoot. A multitude of scenarios may occur.
I love seeing direct, confident players who try to score quickly and then come back to support their teammate
Easily adapted for 3v3, 4v4 etc