Scoreboard Soccer


Pass Tag

This is a game of tag with a twist. We introduce 'passers.' These players have a ball at their feet and can free anyone who has been tagged (frozen out of the game) by dribbling towards them and playing a wall pass. While the group have fun and develop change of direction, scanning and change of pace, the passer will additionally be working on dribbling while scanning the area and passing the ball with power and accuracy to free their teammates in need.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dribble

In each corner the players find someone to play rock, paper, scissors against. The winner gets to move to the next corner as the players work their way around the area with the ball. The player who goes around the most in a set time limit wins or you might race to first around the area 3 times for example. See progression to add a change of direction.

Rob and Run

To begin the game some players have a bib in their hands, some have a ball and some have nothing. The aim is to finish the game (after 1 minute) with a ball in your hand. The rules are simple. If you have nothing, you can tag someone with a ball and then they have to give you the ball. If you have a bib, you need to tag someone with nothing, give them the bib and you can now go after a ball. See progression shown which is the same game but the players are dribbling the footballs.

Last Ball Wins

Player can only shoot from behind a set line of cones; however, they can go anywhere to retrieve a ball. The aim is to knock footballs off the central cones (when knocked off they can then be retrieved and used). The winning team is whoever knocks the final ball off the cone. Progression: Vary distances of passes, giving both teams some closer and further away targets, meaning strategy might come into play in regard to what footballs they go for first and what one they try and leave until last!

Spaceship Tag

Some players will play the game as spaceships (holding the hoop around them) others will play the game as comets (running with a bib, small ball or beanbag in their hand). If a comet can slam dunk the bib, small ball or beanbag through a hoop then they swap roles with that player, now becoming a spaceship. Finish the game with a spaceship to win.

Plank Tag

There is a chaser and a runner with everyone else in groups in the plank position. The runner can stay alive in the game by lying next to someone doing a plank, this means the person at the opposite end up the line must get up and run away from the catcher. If the catcher tags you, swap roles. This game can also work with various catchers and runners working at the same time.

Balance Ball

Players move in the area with a ball balanced on a cone. They try and keep their ball balanced while trying to knock other players footballs to the ground. If your ball hits the ground, you must do an exercise before re-joining the game.

Throw, Throw, Go

Play with 2 or more teams. Each team creates a ladder made up of groups of two players. The two players throw the ball between themselves before throwing it up the ladder, then quickly move to create the next rung of the ladder. Race to the finish line. If a team drops the ball they must come back to the start.