Scoreboard Soccer

5v5 Games

Game 1

A variety of situations builds up to a 5v5 game. Utilize the bonus ball system to prolong the 5v5 game if you wish.

Game 2

3v3+1 In the central zone and a 1v1 in each end zone. Progress to allow players to support the ball when it goes into their attacking end zone.

Game 3

Simple 5v5 game with the option to use playmakers if appropriate. The number of passes equals points and if you score those passes become goals for your team.

Game 4

The game is played in a central area but to score you must drive into the attacking zone. A great environment to work on 1v1s with the goalkeeper.

Game 5

A game with the condition that a goal scorer must run around the two goals before re-joining play.

Game 6

Just a game but the goalkeeper for the team in possession must come and play, staying above the blue line of cones shown. A fun way to work on attacking overloads but also quick counter attacks and long distance shooting.

Game 7

3v3 In the central area, the team in possession must use their 2 wall players before playing a pass through any one of the oppositions 4 gates that they are trying to defend.

Game 8

Score a goal and your waiting teammate can dribble in to attack the goal at the opposite end while you take up their position.

Game 9

Each team has a wall player they must hit before scoring. This promotes forward passes and support play. Progress to making the wall player optional.

Game 10

Each teams goalkeeper protects 2 goals. Great to work on switching play and disguise but also for the goalkeepers to work on diving saves.

Game 11

Players cannot cross the central line and must enter the end zone to score unopposed. This facilitates a lot of hidden learning and problem solving.