Scoreboard Soccer

4v4 Games

Game 1

Score by scoring in either goal your team is attacking. Initially you may implement a rule that if you dribble across the line of red cones you can score in the back goals unopposed. Progress by taking this away.

Game 2

Small sided game on a small pitch with large goals. Score and become a goalkeeper, the first team to convert all players to goalkeepers wins.

Game 3

A game but you can only win by a maximum of 2 goals.

Game 4

A passing pattern quickly transitioning into a game.

Game 5

A game with an incentive to get the ball wide. Score from a wide area or use it as a decoy to score centrally.

Game 6

A game with ever changing pictures. 1v1 Progressing to 4v4, keep score throughout.

Game 7

Only 1 defender can enter their defensive zone to put pressure on the attacker, dribble through a gate to score

Game 8

4v4 Score a goal to win the game. As the other 2 teams rotate the winning team can grab the ball and restart by attacking in the other direction.