Scoreboard Soccer

3v3 Games

Game 1

This end zone game is shown as a 3v3 but can be easily adapted. Teams earn a point by dribbling into the end zone with the ball under control. Progression shown involves the player who makes a successful dribble being rewarded by turning and re-starting play attacking the other way.

Game 2

3v3 Games with cones on the pitch just to add an extra layer of awareness. As shown this game can be down with or without keepers like so many games on the site. The coach can determine how you use the cones on the ground. For example I have stipulated that if you hit a cone the other team get a goal but play continues. I have seen other coaches use this method but when a player hits the cone the coach will pass a ball into the game to the other team, so essentially hitting a cone means a turnover of possession. Finally, another method I have used for some fun - if you hit a cone you must stop the ball dead and run over and grab a cone, placing it anywhere on the field which makes the area even busier and heightens the focus on close control and awareness.

Game 3

When a player scores or knocks the ball out of play they need to run around the oppositions goal and pass one of the new footballs into the other team to re-start the game. This creates a 3v2 with recovering defender. This game can also work 4v4, 5v5, etc

Game 4

A small sided game (numbers adaptable) where teams can aim for 1 of 3 targets, which really helps playes to work on disguise when passing / dribbling. Accuracy is key though as you need to fetch the ball if you miss a target. This gives the other team an opportunity to play with a numbers advantage.

Game 5

Play a game with multiple goals, however players can only score into the goals being signalled as open by the coaches. Therefore scanning, awareness and decision making is key. To shift the focus to passing you may assign all goals shown as different colours and put goals all around the area, therefore the game becomes multi directional.

Game 6

3v3 Games on both pitches with a team of 3 passing a ball in the middle / at the side. When a playing team conceeds the team passing the ball must quickly swap and come into the game.

Game 7

A 3v3v3 wave practice. A progression may be that if a team scores they get to go again and will continue to work their way through the wave until they fail to score. Playing the first team to a certain number of goals and making this game competitive will ramp up he intensity and you may want to put a time limit on each attack. Alternatively if you want to support the players futher, you can tell the team attacking that they can use the 3 players in the other half as wall players, allowing them to circulate the ball and build up a new attack when needed.

Game 8

This game is initially a 1v1 with recovering defender but all footballs stay live until they are in a goal or out of play. Therefore demonstrating the ability to delay an attack might mean your teammates can come and help you and play 3v3. Utilize the bonus ball method often. This is where the coach will pass in a second, third or forth ball to prolong the 3v3 aspect of the practice.

Game 9

3v3 In a tight area (penalty box) with 2 wall / transition players.

Game 10

3v3 With a player off who rotates on each time your team scores. You must enter the scoring zone shown before scoring in either of the 2 goals you are attacking. If the score reflects a 3 goal gap then the losing team bring on their extra player and play 4v3 until the score is even again.

Game 11

Score a goal and bank that ball in your teams zone. The other team need to use a ball from their zone to continue the game. The team with the mst balls in their zone at the end of the game wins.

Game 12

Small sided games but when you score you must switch pitch. You only don't switch if you are the last player from your team on that pitch. This creates chaos and ever changing scenarios for the players to problem solve.

Game 13

The coach will call a number and that's how many players from each team will enter the area. You will get a point for scoring but lose a point for conceeding.

Game 14

A 3v3+2 possession game. On winning the ball aim to keep it and get set into shape as quickly as possible.