Scoreboard Soccer

2v2 Games

Game 1

2v2 Plus 4 wall players, the winning team will stay on and the losing team will swap with the 2 players behind their goal. Easily progressed to allow players to use less or none of the wall players and also easily progressed to play 4v4 in the area.

Game 2

This set up means the attacking team will have a short 2v1 to try and take advantage of before the other defender gets back.

Game 3

Players get autonomy here as they can choose the scenario. I normally start stipulating that the attacker can move behind a cone and call for a pass so they can choose the scenario and then progress to say the defender will weight a pass to any cone they want and everyone must react to the situation.

Game 4

A 2v2 set up that I normally utilize with a very short time limit (perhaps 8 second games) to challenge players to be brave, positive and find solutions quickly in 2v2 situations.

Game 5

This activity involves setting up 2v2 games and setting a time limit on the games. The twist is the players do not know the time limt. When the coach shouts time up the team who scored last wins the game. This rule can be applied to every pitch (so the time that scored last on your pitch wins the game) or you can apply the rule to all pitches (the team that scored last from any of the games is the overall winner). The latter way of delivering this exercise means all teams are constantly looking to score.

Game 6

This environment will allow players to work on goign 1v1 with the goalkeeper before being faced with defending a 2v1. Finally an extra player will join and create a 2v2 so there is a variety of skill sets to practice.

Game 7

A chaotic game that can be adapted with a variety of numbers, players have great fun with this one. The ball must be used on the same pitch but players can go anywhere across all pitches.

Game 8

A 2v2 games where teams attack and defend 2 goals each. See progression to give players even more tocuhes, those who dribble and pass quickly may get an advantage of being on the pitch and ready first.

Game 9

Players get to work on shooting but then must quickly react to play 2v2. As with many games shown, you can easily add goalkeepers or adjust the numbers in this game to suit.

Game 10

Although the initial players get to work on shooting, this set up will then mean they are disjointed when facing the on-comming 2v2. Can the attackers play quick and smart to utilize this opportunity? Can the defenders delay and recover to prevent the goal?

Game 11

A 2v2 game which focuses on technical development. Players aim to drive across an end line and release a teammate to come and join the central 2v2.

Game 12

A 2v2 game which focusses on technical development. Players aim to drive across an end line and release a teammate to come and join the central 2v2.