Scoreboard Soccer


1v1 Games

Game 1

A shooting race with progressions shown.

Game 2

A fast past exercise that involves players attacking, defending and then joining their own line.

Game 3

A simple 1v1 set up with a rotation. You may put a time limit on the 1v1 battles to aid the rotation and not end up with any lines.

Game 4

The coach dictates what side the ball is played to and on the shout the defender also runs around the goal in that direction. This will test the attackers receiving ability and dealing with the pressure of the approaching defender. If the defender wins the ball they can go to goal at the other side.

Game 5

A game to challenge awareness while being on the ball. You can only score into the goal your coach is indicating is open via the cones they hold up. Support players by saying they can score into goals being signalled by either coach. Coaches should be circulating the field so players need to look for them. Sometimes I won't hold up any cones to test players ability to retain the ball and shield it under pressure while always scanning to see options that open up.

Game 6

This is a 2v2 battle but many scenarios may arise. As both players enter the area with a ball they could be faced with no defenders, 1 defender or two defenders. If an attacker score quickly they can get back and help their teammate and note the goal for the defenders to attack when they win the ball. I use a scoring zone that attackers need to get into but this is optional. I also advise that the next group of players go on the coaches command to allow the defenders to get higher and set for the next attack.

Game 7

A 1v1 with pressure from the side. Players here can work on trying to get across the face of the defender or holding off pressure as they advance down a wide area. Using ball mastery they may be able to twist and turn away from the defender and go to either gate.

Game 8

The attacker gets to determine what gate they go through to start the exercise. The defender must react and go through the gate diagonally opposite before defending int he 1v1 battle.

Game 9

A fast paced 1v1 exerice that involves attacking and then quickly reacting to defend 1v1. This can also be done 2v2.

Game 10

A great activity for ball mastery. The central player tries to dribble through a gate but those on the outside try to keep them closed by dribbling in front of them. Swap the central player regulalry.

Game 11

A simple 1v1 set up so players can work on close control, change of direction and change of pace. Defenders can work on wining the ball and driving play forward.

Game 12

A bit of fun for players. They meet each other in the middle and play Rock, Paper, Scissors. When someone wins the dual they pick which gate to race to.

Game 13

A 1v1 game with an incentive to be positive and get past the defender. Decision making depending on the scenario is crucial.

Game 14

A quick 1v1 transition game. Attack then defend with pace.

Game 15

On passing the ball the defender will press. If the attacker beats the first defender they will be faced with a second defender to play 1v1 to goal.